The brief history of त्वम्, युवाम्,युयम्

What with 500 days of Summer in Mumbai and  after much procrastination I am back. I was on tenterhooks – ideas were swarming like bees in my bonnet. I was oscillating between themes ranging from management lessons from grandmom to an ode to Bollywood to traffic signal. I was indecisive.  Then a new topic came to … More The brief history of त्वम्, युवाम्,युयम्

Gift of Gab!

 It is not the elequonce of speech But the relentless chatter That I embark upon here.. When I was shushed in office.. I halted and scattered For it stirred up memoirs Of teachers’ rebuke When I talk it is a blurry chattering Have to be told to stop speaking A gab in the making… Back … More Gift of Gab!