Railway  Reservation

A packed station

And a packed bag

Charged with excitement

Also mixed with trepidation

Of  thronging crowd and waiting duration

Of loud chatter and shouting matches

With bags splayed about 

And sleeping masses spread out

Overhearing conversations that are so typical

Wondering how everyone is similar

The sojourn can be a gift of time

It becomes joyous

When with cousins or friends

Of playing taash or game of charade or chit-chatting or singing

Of swapping stories and laughing aloud

Displaying prowess in stunts by climbing upper berth

Glancing at passing fields that we never see

Streams or greenery

Of thumping of train or am I asleep or awake at night

Keeping a look out at luggage

And never letting it out of sight

Of getting down at station to savour an eatery

Special to the place

We board a train to start a journey

But it becomes a journey in itself!

Now let me bid adieu

Cause I have a train to get into!


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