Live to eat, eat to live

Friday night…

Back home from dreary office plight.

Sometimes weekend starts when Friday arrives

If a dinner or outing is so planned

Else I have my Friday routine set

Order brownies from Theobroma

Gives a kick start to the weekend..Get Set..

Food is a solace whether I am bored or upset

If I am home sick or just need a change in mood

Or a route to brighten up the solitude

Or to perk up the office drill

Or to add to the thrill

Why does it break the montony?

Is it that I stay away from home?

Yes partly, I do gorge on homemade food

But I remember getting bored of that too

My hostel food was good compared to the usual

Still seeked freedom from the tedium 

So is it just that we need a change?

That does justify the different types of food

Of entrée, main course and dessert

Else normal food would serve the purpose

Of living and sustenance

There are more enigmas to unravel

Why a particular food which I hate taste better?

When my grandmother feeds it to me

How sometimes the simplest of dish 

Cooked by my mom

Surpass the most exotic dish at a restaurant

Is it the secret ingredient of love?

Questions I find difficult to fathom…

How the thought of food satiates my hunger

Or a captivating image it conjures

Or the aroma that entices my soul

Is it because I live to eat and not eat to live or well am just bored..


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