How is it that we have energies?

The energy we radiate out can be contrasting, varying for different recipients.

It can be positive or negative, stifling or stimulating, intimidating or glowing, comforting or terrifying, energising or despairing, provoking or pacifying.

It is undefined. It can only be felt.

It builds up the atmosphere, with a palpable effect.

Still it cannot be quantified.

It is like an invisible bubble.

Which bursts when the person emanating it withdraws.

Sometimes the mind attunes to an energy without realizing.

A person emnates different forms of energy at different times, an acclimatized one can discern the change.

But when this energy source vanishes, a fog lifts for the better or for the worse.

The effect is so tangible that it is inexplicable. 

Maybe, because energy begets energy.


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