Materialistic Possessions

I thought I wasn’t materialistic

But then I realized I was being unrealistic

My life came to a stop…

It was my laptop…

 Went to sleep and didn’t wake up the next day

My existence swayed

The money never mattered, I was ok with my salary…

Well I haven’t supported any family…

But even when I didn’t earn…

I splurged on novels like no tomorrow

I pampered my books like a baby

Ensured they are properly taken care of

To never get dog-eared

My specs, my lifeline

 Without which I cannot “see” the beauties of life

I cannot give it to anyone else for custody

Oh! I really thought I wasn’t materialistic

The cash became a factor when comparing jobs

Amongst working hours, type and work life 

I thought it was a hygiene factor

Didn’t realize it would be the impactor..

How I am falling in love with my new phone

How that new jacket or jewellery 

Brings such a revelry

Or is it that such possessions satisfy other dispositions

Of innate happiness or passion

Of fulfilling a hobby

Or of self realisation

Or to idle time

Or am I just building up a ruse?


2 thoughts on “Materialistic Possessions

  1. Hey! This sounds poetic and I love your blog friend ❤
    May I ask a question? Which is the blog theme you are using ? And does it need payment? I just fall in love with it right away lol.


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